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About The Synergist Group

The Synergist Group was founded in 2006 by Gary Owens and Roger Edwards as a means to empower others through a passion for teaching and counseling. As professionals who have pursued a path of life-long education and personal growth, they believe in sharing their knowledge to help promote growth for the clients they serve.

In addition to a friendship spanning many years, the founders share a common philosophy: You don't become a leader, you become yourself. They draw their inspiration from the extraordinary results they continually witness through the simple act of teaching others something about themselves they didn't already know about themselves.

Meet Our Team

Gary Owens
Gary Owens brings his extensive education, diverse experience and passion for leadership development to The Synergist Group. One of the company's co-founders, leadership has always come naturally to Gary and for more than a decade he has been training other leaders in both informal and formal settings. He began his formal study of leadership in college where he was active in his Student Government Executive Council and served as President of the Kentucky Independent College Student Government Association before receiving his Masters Degree in Strategic Leadership. In his professional career, Gary has created leadership development curriculum for elementary students through adult learners. He is currently working toward his Doctorate in Leadership and Education.

Roger Edwards
As an entrepreneur, inventor, and public speaker, The Synergist Group co-founder Roger Edwards' life is a journey of self-discovery. He has always had a desire to help others. Roger learned early on how to make choices that would assure success instead of failure, hope instead of despair. This instilled in him a strong determination to lead others to a smoother, more fulfilling path. He began a public service career in housing administration until he transitioned into corporate leadership training to utilize his talents and experience as a mentor. Roger holds a Masters in Education and is a second Masters in Strategic Leadership. He is currently working toward his Doctorate in Executive Leadership.

Gail Yemington
Having graduated from Catholic University with a Master's degree in Music-Vocal Performance, Gail went on to participate in the theatre and music world. She has served as a producer, stage director, vocal instructor, theatre manager and concert booking agent. Her skills as a creative writer have been utilized by The Synergist Group to pen the stories for the Redgey Life Skills Curriculum. As Vice President of Operations for this company, Gail will fill the roles of administrator, marketing director, writer and manager.

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