Our Leadership Experts provide clients with Life Skills Curriculum, Customized Leadership Development Programs, Business Coaching, and Motivational Speaking.

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Development Edge

The role of leadership in business is indisputable. Great leaders create great businesses. The Synergist Group's Development EDGE Track provides business leaders and their teams with essential wisdom, inspiration, and resources. No matter the size of your company, having a team of motivated, hardworking employees is crucial to your success. We are ready and able to be a part of that success.

Synergy Team Coaching

We view coaching as a delivery system for better thinking, more informed decisions and effective relationships. Coaching is offered to four primary audiences: management and partnership teams, individual executive leaders, large groups and family businesses.

Our Leadership Experts draw from their vast collective experience to motivate, facilitate, and guide audiences towards positive change. The central function of Synergy Team Coaching is to facilitate personal and/or professional change and development. Its purpose is to impact both individuals and organizations by promoting continuous resilience and performance. The guiding principle behind Synergy Team Coaching is, "It's not about ME, it's about WE."

Motivational Speaking

Our Impact Speaker Network provides motivational speaker for your events. Areas of expertise include Team Building, Communication, Conflict Management, Sales, and much more.

Leadership Roundtable Events

Based on Mastermind principles and the teachings of Dale Carnegie, Leadership Roundtable Events illustrate how to harness the power of collective thinking, brainstorming and sharing resulting in professional success. As enthusiasitic and successfull entrepreneurs, we understand the value of passing on the knowledge of experience for the benefit of other like-minded professionals.

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