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Experience Edge

The Synergist Group's Experience EDGE Track is designed to provide leadership training and experiences through safe and adventurous outdoor activities. Your customized Experience EDGE program includes leadership skills courses in a variety of land and water-based outdoor activities. Indoor versions are also available.

Participation in an Experience EDGE program is exciting and challenging, providing opportunities for skill enhancement, personal growth, leadership development and enjoyment of the outdoors.

Outdoor Adventure Challenge

The biggest challenge today's leaders face is developing the kind of teamwork that fosters innovative problem-solving which enhances productivity. In a group setting, it's often difficult to open the lines of communication, build trust and cooperation and encourage risk-taking. The outdoor adventure challenge program teaches confidence, goal-setting, cooperative decision-making and team synergy.

This program is a sequence of increasingly complex and challenging activities designed to increase individual and group knowledge. Teams address issues such as control, communication, conflict, authority and individual listening skills in a nonjudgmental way. Confronting such issues allows team members to identify the barriers that inhibit performance and explore solutions that enhance productivity.

Indoor or On-Location Team Building

Groups who prefer a shorter team building experience and an indoor environment may choose this option. As with our Outdoor Adventure Challenge, teams will address issues such as control, communication, conflict, authority and individual listening skills. One to three-hour programs are available.

Adventure Planning

Let us help you plan a customized adventure experience for your team in the location of your choice.

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