Our Leadership Experts provide clients with Life Skills Curriculum, Customized Leadership Development Programs, Business Coaching, and Motivational Speaking.

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How Our EDGE Programs Work

Creating your own customized EDGE Leadership Development Program is simple. It all begins with a FREE consultation with a Synergist Group Leadership Expert.

1. NEEDS ANALYSIS - Building from a FREE groundwork consultation with one of our Leadership Experts, The Synergist Group works to assess individual needs, determine budgetary guidelines, and identify specific requirements which guarantees results.

2. CUSTOMIZED EDGE PROGRAM - Working to incorporate various components of leadership development, each EDGE Program is customized to meet your needs. EDGE Programs can be tailored as a keynote presentation, break-out session, half-day seminar, full-day seminar, or multiple-day seminar.

Our Leadership Experts are trained to facilitate any of these personal awareness assessments which could be integrated into your customized EDGE program:

3. FOLLOW-THROUGH - EDGE program training is only the beginning. Afterwards, results are measured and progress is tracked all to ensure that the program excedes your expectations.

Additional Programs

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